I Played In Nashville

The Bluebird Cafe

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I had a gig in Louisville on Sunday.  So, rather then return to work Monday, since I was three hours from Nashville, I decided to call and get a slot on The Bluebird Cafe‘s Monday night open stage. It’s my understanding The Bluebird Cafe is the most prestigious listening room on the planet.  Because of […]

The Journey Begins

Jason Bennett, WDVX, Blue Plate Special, Americana, Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter

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This past weekend I played my first out of town gig in support of my debut EP and in over all support of my solo Americana act. I drove down to Knoxville, Tennessee and performed on WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. I’ve been playing music in front of live audiences for approximately half my life, yet, […]

Woe Is Me – Lyrics

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The new single from my debut EP is called Woe Is Me. Here’s the lyrics: Sitting on a park bench waiting for a girl to come If you ever see her tell her that my legs are numb I’ve been sittin’ here on this fence on this bench She’s knows how to keep an idiot […]

The Dance Instinct

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image by  Yohann Legrand   I have numerous music projects including this singer-songwriter Jason Bennett Americana/Indie Folk solo project. One of them is my polka band called The Route 161 Happy Wanderers. My polka band is hyper busy about seven weekends a year traveling to various Oktoberfests.  Most Oktoberfests are family friendly so many children are […]

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Jason Bennett, Balding Ponytail

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Though my songwriting is Americana/Indie Folk, I identify as a balding ponytailed metal head. One of the things I like to do as part of my live performances is take songs from various genres and turn them into folk/country songs.  Mainly I use metal/hard rock songs for this.  One of those songs is Uncle Tom’s Cabin […]

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