Americana & Indie Folk fans, Jason Bennett’s crafty lyrics and interesting chord progressions are worth a listen..

…and now you can download his latest single for free!

Here’s what others are saying about Jason Bennett!

‘…the Yodeling Grandpa!’ – Dan Wolcott

‘Sounds like Cat Stevens’ – various random people

‘Well done’ – Waitress at a restaurant gig

‘Please turn that down’ – Wife

Jason Bennett is an old soul.  Ok, he’s just old and not even making any attempt to hide it.  But he writes unique stuff that’s fun to listen to.  Sometimes his voice sounds like Cat Stevens; and, sometimes he sounds like a hillbilly crooner.  The lyrics are sometimes funny and sometimes thought provoking.

You are going to enjoy listening to Jason’s music.  He started writing music thinking he was writing country.  After working on some recording he realized it was mostly not country.  Curious as to what he was creating he asked a radio friend.  The radio friend labeled it Alt. Americana.  To neatly package it we’re calling it Americana/Indie Folk.  It’s nice to finally find someone who is writing and then figuring out how to label it rather than writing to try and fit a genre.

For a limited time Jason is giving away a free copy of a song from his debut EP.  Just enter your name and email address and you’ll immediately get sent a link for the download.  The digital version of this song and the new EP by this new singer-songwriter are currently not available anywhere else.

So, enter your name and email address now.  Don’t let that gray fuzzy beard fool you, the music you will hear, if you like Americana/Indie Folk type music, is really worth your time.