I wrote the songs first then figured out what genre they were.  Turns out I write Americana/Indie Folk music!

You can download my latest single for free!

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Thanks for landing on my free download page.

The single from my debut EP is Woe Is Me.  It’s a song about waiting for love to show up but not doing anything to go get it.  Some of the lyrics are humorous but the song has a moral to it:  if you sit around waiting your chances of getting what you want are very slim.

The rhythmic pattern of the guitar is actually reminiscent of Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy; the ‘stinger’ chord is very Beatles; and I kind of yodel the chorus.  I also did all the harmonica work on the song.

I kind of fibbed, I am asking for something in exchange for the ‘free’ download .. your email address.  That way, I can keep you apprised of shows, blogs, new developments in my music and various other goings on.

So please, enter your contact information and enjoy the download of the single.