“Jason Bennett writes songs that you’re going to want to learn the words to so you can sing along.”

…and now you can download his latest single for free!

Here are some recent comments about Jason Bennett’s previous single:

Jason Bennett writes unique stuff that’s fun to listen to.  Sometimes his voice sounds like Cat Stevens; and, sometimes he sounds like a hillbilly crooner.  The lyrics are sometimes funny and sometimes thought provoking.

You are going to enjoy listening to Jason’s music.  Many of his songs have lyrics that are fun to the point you will want to learn them and sing along.  Some songs you will feel a throw back to 90s country; others you will feel like you’re sitting around a camp fire listening to a folk guitarist.

Jason is currently working on a new CD and releasing some singles along the way.  If you sign up for his email list on this page, you can receive his most recently released single for free.

So, enter your name and email address now.  The music you will hear, if you like Americana/Indie Folk type music, is really worth your time.