If you major in music and need money, don’t come to me!

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Mother Admonishing Son

I was a kid, teen and young adult who followed my parents marching orders.  When I was a senior in high school my dad stopped me in the hallway of his house and said, “You’re a senior in high school, what college are you going to?”  I said, “Dad, I don’t want to go to college.” He said, “Good, which one.”  So, I went to The Ohio State University. (later in life I’m glad I did and am proud to be a Buckeye)

During my sophomore year at Ohio State, I had to think about choosing a major.  I was discussing it with my mom and said I wanted to major in music.  She said, “If you major in music and need money, don’t come to me!”  Growing up comfortably middle class in a well to do white-collar middle-class neighborhood, I didn’t want to not have money so that scared me into getting a computer related degree.

I think that marching order following experience is what drives me to play music, write music, record music, talk about music and be totally obsessed with music.  I’ve been a performer of live music for over 20 years now.  If you’re curious about other work I’ve done and you’re going to search the net for it, it’s important to know, I’ve only recently decided to adopt a stage name.  Jason Bennett is actually my first and middle name.  I like it better as a stage name for the Americana/Indie Folk I’m writing and recording.  My ‘real’ name is Jason Greenwald.

Under that name I’ve recorded two jazz CDs with Jazz Ethics.  I’ve co-written the score to a play that ran in Chicago called Next Stop Spinsterland.  I’ve recorded an eclectic piano CD – Piano Picasso.  I’ve performed on multiple occasions with Bad Finger’s Joey Mulland.  Interestingly enough, all the above listed Jason Greenwald music resume builders, I’ve done on keys, not guitar.

Now, Jason Bennett:  Acoustic guitar player; harmonica player; and singer-songwriter.  I’ve set out to write and record songs as well as take songs from various genres and turn them into country/folk songs and tour.  I want to be a vagabond singer-songwriter.  I’m now in my 50s.  I’m now a grandpa.  But I’m still driven to rebel against my mother’s marching orders.

I’d like to bring you along with me on this journey that is my music rebellion.  I come up with ideas for songs and craft the lyrics to appeal with universally felt experiences.    It’s true I write things to entertain myself, but I also like to bring the listener along to try and feel and understand what I’m feeling and thinking.

If you’d like a taste of what I’m talking about, please click here for my debut EP – Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’.

Thanks for reading this far and joining me in this leg my musical journey.


  • Dave Gilstrap says:

    Hello Jason,

    Thanks for the download !

    I met you at the Pickens Jockey lot and I purchased a CD and you gave me a few fee CDs We really like them my son wife and myself play a little old time music thus really appreciate your music very much . We are new to playing so listening to your music is very motivating , Many thanks !

    • Jason Bennett says:

      Hey there!

      You’re very welcome for the download.

      You might be thinking of another musician – I’ve never been to Pickens Jockey Lot. My polka band played in The Carolinas last year at various Oktoberfest celebrations but I wasn’t promoting any of my solo stuff at that time.

      Glad to see you are working on music as well!

  • Kathy Littrell says:

    I read your blog and sorry but I haven’t got to listen to your song yet but I will. Personal issues came up. I have a love for classical guitar if you play it.

    • Jason Bennett says:

      Thanks for reading. Hope you get a chance to listen to some of my songs. I don’t play any classical guitar.

  • Barbara Aikens says:

    Loved it. It sounds like a Scottish or Irish song and the next one did to. I love the way they sing. Keep up the good work.

  • Alicia Trahan(Tish) says:

    Hi, I hope you keep going strong Jason, really. Love and Luck your way ??

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