Playing At A Nursing Home

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Tonight I played at The Worthington Christian Village nursing home. I did a one hour set of classic country with my buddy Dan Wolcott who is also in my polka band The Route 161 Happy Wanderers.

There is something magical about playing at a nursing facility. It is not for everyone, even during White Lighting, many of the residence couldn’t stay awake for more than a minute or so. But as I was playing looking around, I could see all smiles.

One lady I felt especially sorry for. She would wake up, start snapping her fingers to the beat and have the most intense look on her face then sadly would run out of energy and fall back asleep. I’m so glad I could be there for her to enjoy those few moment.

You might not know the difference between a nursing facility and assisted living. In assisted living the residence are able to do many things for themselves and just need some help getting everything done that a normal day might impose.

Whereas, in a nursing facility, residence are unable to do most things for themselves. For some it’s a temporary situation such as a recent stroke victim who is bound for recover or someone who has broken his or her hip. But for others, the help they need is a permanent situation.

My father is currently in a nursing facility so I feel especially grateful for the opportunity to give the joy of music to those who can’t go out and get it for themselves anymore. Thanks to Dan for booking the gig and thank you to the Worthington Christian Village for letting me entertain your residents.

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