Woe Is Me – Lyrics

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The new single from my debut EP is called Woe Is Me.

Here’s the lyrics:

Sitting on a park bench waiting for a girl to come

If you ever see her tell her that my legs are numb

I’ve been sittin’ here on this fence on this bench

She’s knows how to keep an idiot in suspense

Sittin’ on a park bench waitin’ for a phantom

Ode Di Hi Ode Di Dee

Woe Is me

Sittin’ on my love seat but I got no one to love

Much to shy to scared to call the one that I’ve been thinking of

Wish I had to courage to call and ask her out

Probably doesn’t know I exist and there’s no doubt

If I had her number I would call her and then she would hang up

Ode Di Hi Ode Di Dee

Woe is me

Wish I had to guts to go and find my soul mate

I guess that would require asking someone for a first date

I leave the porch light on as if magically

She’d show up

Ode Di Hi Ode Di Dee

Woe is me

Ode Di Hi Ode Di Dee

Woe is me

Ode Di Hi Ode Di Dee

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